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Welcome to our website DATA SPEED SRL


Data Speed is a privately owned company founded at the begining of year 2005 in Cluj-Napoca and its main is based on selling and servicing of industrial weighing sistems based on electronic equipments.


Over the years we have signed partnerships with several leading companies in Europe, weighing equipment manufacturers that we represent in Romania, offering our customers weighing equipment and solutions for almost any field in a high quality standard.

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Since 2007 we represent in Romania the italian company Tassinari Bilance, selling most of their products, mainly for vehicle weighing systems and rail scales (weighing bridge scales, platform weighing vehicles), medical scales, weighingh platforms.



Also in 2007 we established partnership with the german company Kern & Sohn of Germany for all types of weighing systems (analytical balances, precision scales, platform weighing standard weights, counting scales, crane scales, pallet scales, verifications scales, test weights, etc.

Since 2008 we distribute on romanian market the products from Dini Argeo company's from Italy, most of them for dedicated for industry: crane scales, truck palets with scales, vehicles scales, platform weighing scales for forklift, pallet scales, load cells, digital indicators ,various industrial scales
For more information about our partners please visit their websites:
  tassinari_bilance   kern_&_sohn   dini_argeo  
Besides the products of this partners, we comercialize also other types of equipment: machines for counting money or equipment for bar codes.
From the second half of year 2009 the activity is taking place respecting quality standards of management ISO 9001, the certification is registered under number 38035 issued on 28/01/2010.
Informations about us also here:
Since launching the new site beginning from 05.02.2010 you are our visitor number:
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